Wehome's Terms and Conditions in compliance to KOZAZA

kozaza Online Social Accommodation Platform  (Effective date: May 1,  2012 )

Article 1 (Purpose)

Terms and conditions here is to define users’ rights, obligations and responsibilities when using the Internet 
and mobile service (hereafter referred to as “Service”) provided by kozaza Social Accommodation Marketplace 
(hereafter referred to as “kozaza”) run by kozaza Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Company”).

Article 2 (Definition)

  1.  “kozaza” is a virtual marketplace set by kozaza Inc. where the goods or services can be purchased through 
    communication facilities such as computers in order to provide the goods or services to the users and this 
    term, “kozaza” is also used to define the business provider who is administrating the site. 
  2. “Users” are both members and non­members who are using the services provided by “kozaza” according to 
    this terms and conditions by visiting the site of “kozaza”. 
  3. “Member” is a person who registers with the site by providing his/her personal information, who is constantly  provided the information of “kozaza” and who can continuously use the services provided by “kozaza”. 
  4. “Non­member” is a person who uses the services provided by “kozaza” by not registering as a member. 
  5. “Guest” is a member who books accommodations through kozaza. 
  6. “Host” is a member who rents accommodations for guests through kozaza. 

Article 3 (Statement and Modification of Terms and Conditions)

  1.  "kozaza" should post the content of this terms and conditions, name of the company, business address, name 
    of the representative, enterprise registration numbers, contact information (telephone numbers, fax, e­mail 
    address and etc.) at the initial page of kozaza for the users’ convenience.
  2. “kozaza” reserves the right to modify this terms and conditions within the bounds of the relevant laws including 
    Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, Framework Act on Electronic Transactions, Electronic Signatures in 
    Global and National Commerce Act of 2000, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network 
    Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Act on Door­To­Door Sales, etc. and Consumer Protection Law.
  3. When "kozaza" modifies its terms and conditions, it should announce the effective date of the new terms and 
    conditions and explain the reason for the modification with the current terms and conditions from seven days 
    to one day before the effective date.
  4. When "kozaza" modifies its terms and conditions, modified terms and conditions will be valid only for the 
    contracts made after the effective date which means the contracts made before the effective date follows the 
    conditions written in previous terms and conditions. However, if the user who already made a contract with 
    "kozaza" before the modification wants to follow the modified terms and conditions, he/she can send a 
    message to "kozaza" during the prior notice period in accordance with the Article 3 and he/she can follow the 
    modified terms and conditions if only "kozaza" agrees on it.
  5. Any details not mentioned in this terms and conditions and the interpretations of this terms and conditions will 
    follow Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce, relevant laws and 
    commercial practice enacted by Korean government.

Article 4 (Providing and Changing Services)

  1. Listed below are the services “kozaza” provides.
  2. Provide information about the goods or services and make the purchasing contract
  3. Delivery or shipping of the goods or services purchased and contracted
  4. Provide other services "kozaza" arranges
  5. When the goods or services are sold out or if there are any technological changes, "kozaza" can change the 
    content of its providing goods and services for the upcoming contract. In this case, kozaza should announce 
    the changed content and the providing date of changed goods and services on which the content information 
    of current goods and services are posted from seven days before the providing date.
  6. If "kozaza" changes the content of services due to the reason of their being sold out or due to the reason of any 
    technological changes after the contract with the user has already been made, "kozaza" should compensate 
    the user's loss caused by changed services. However, if the loss was not "kozaza"s fault, "kozaza" has no 
    responsibility to compensate the loss.
  7. kozaza provides the platform where users can upload their content and interconnect with other users and 
    original content provider takes responsibility of the content uploaded by users.
  8. Users have to save the record of the information on the website of kozaza and the information saved by kozaza 
    in the saving media separated from kozaza for the purpose of evidence and account.

Article 5 (Halt Services)

  1. "kozaza" can halt services temporarily when events such as checking and fixing communication facilities like 
    computers, or the facilities breakdown, or loss of communication occur.
  2. When "kozaza" halts its services due to the reasons mentioned in Clause 1, it should notify users of halt 
    services in accordance with the methods discussed in Article 8.
  3. "kozaza" should compensate the user's or the third parties' loss caused by temporary halt services caused by 
    reasons in Clause 1. However, if the loss was not "kozaza"s fault, "kozaza" has no responsibility to 
    compensate the loss.

Article 6 (Account Registration)

  1. User should apply for account registration by filling in the form established by “kozaza” with one’s member 
    information and by declaring one’s agreement with this terms and conditions.
  2. “kozaza” should accept all users who applied for account registration in accordance with Clause 2 unless they 
    fall under listed issues below.
  3. If an applicant has lost one's membership before in accordance with Cluase 3, Article 7. However, if at least 
    three years has passed since the applicant lost one's membership in accordance with Cluase 3, Article 7 and 
    if the applicant is allowed to re­apply for account registraion by "kozaza", one can be accepted.
  4. If there are any false, omitted or mis­filled information
  5.  When the applicant is judged to be unsuitable to be a member of "kozaza" in terms of its technological issues
  6. Account registration is completed at the point when approvement of "kozaza" is sent to a member.
  7.  When there are any changes on registered information in accordance with Cluase 1, Article 15, a member 
    should notify "kozaza" of the changes through e­mails and other contact methods immediately.

Article 7 (Cancel and Loss of Membership)

  1. A member can ask "kozaza" to cancel one's membership at any time he/she wants and when asked, "kozaza" 
    should cancel one's membership immediately. However, a member should complete, withdraw or cancel 
    on­going contract of all the products before asking to cancel the membership and one should take 
    responsibility of all disadvantages caused by contract withdrawal or cancel. Also a member should take all 
    responsibility of the disadvantages caused by canceling one's membership and a company can take back any 
    additional advantages provided to its member.
  2. "kozaza" can limit or halt membership when a member is under the one of issues listed below.
  3. If one filled the false information in the account registration form
  4. If one doesn’t make the payment of purchased goods and services on “kozaza” or doesn’t pay the bill which 
    should be paid by a member in terms of using “kozaza” services until the due date
  5.  If one threatens the discipline of E­Commerce by interrupting other people’s using of “kozaza” services or 
    illegally using other people’s information

Article 8 (Notifying Members)

  1. "kozaza" can notify its member of information through member's e­mail addressed submitted to "kozaza" by a 
  2. "kozaza" can notify all members of information by posting the information on bulletboard of "kozaza" for more 
    than a week instead of notifying individual member of the information respectively.

Article 9 (Asking Purchase)

 "kozaza" users can ask purchasing on "kozaza" through listed steps below. 
  1.  Write your name, address and telephone/cell­phone numbers 
  2. Select the goods or services
  3. Choosing a payment method
  4. Check whether you are agree with terms and conditions (agree, mouse clicking)

Article 10 (Concluding Contract)

  1. “kozaza” will approve purchasing ask of Article 9 unless it is under the issues listed below.
  2.  If there are any false, omitted or mis­filled information in asking of purchase
  3. If underage tries to purchase the goods or services such as cigarettes and alcohols which are banned under 
    the juvenile protection laws
  4.  If approving the purhcasing ask is judged to be unsuitable for "kozaza" in terms of technological issues
  5. The contract is fully completed when the approval of "kozaza" arrives to the user by the form of receipt 
    notification in terms of Clause 1, Article 12.

Article 11 (Payment Method) 
Choose one of the two ways listed below to make your payments for the goods or services purchased on "kozaza". 

  1. Credit Card
  2.  Paypal

Article 12 (Receipt Notification ∙ Change and Cancel Purchase)

  1. “kozaza” should send the receipt notification to the user when the user asks purchase. . The user who is given the receipt notification can ask change or cancel purchase immediately if there are any
    issue like disagreement in declaring one's intention.
  2.  "kozaza" should deal with the issue on user's changing or canceling purchase immediately before the delivery 
    or shipping.

Article 13 (Delivery and Shipping)

"kozaza" should state the delivery and shipping method, the person who will pay delivery or shipping cost and 
how many dates will take for the delivery and shipping. "kozaza" should compensate the loss of the user if it 
can't meet the promised deadline of the delivery and shipping.

Article 14 (Refund, Return and Exchange)

  1. When user’s ordered goods or services are not be able to be provided or delivered due to the reason of being 
    out of market and etc., “kozaza” should immediately notify the user of the reasons. If the payment for the goods 
    or services is already done, the contract should be canceled and refund should be made within three days 
    after the payment. If the payment hasn’t been made, the contract should be canceled and refund should be 
    made within three days after the reasons are made.
  2. Users can get refund, return and exchange for already delivered goods. In this case users should return the 
    goods to “kozaza” and after getting the returned goods, “kozaza” should immediately deal with the refund, 
    return and exchange issues within its business day. However, users can only ask refund, return and exchange 
    for already delivered goods within 20 days after the delivery.
  3.  If delivered goods is different from the order or different from the information provided by "kozaza"
  4. If delivered goods is broken, damaged or polluted
  5.  If the goods is delivered later than advertised delivery durations
  6.  If the contract is made when there was lack of information on advertisement in terms of Article 18 in Act on 
    Door­To­Door Sales, etc.

Article 15 (Personal Information Protection)

  1. "kozaza" collects the least amount of users' personally identifiable information required to fulfill the purchasing 
    contract. Listed below are the must­be­filled and others which are not on the list are optional.
  2.  Name
  3.  Address
  4.  Telephone/Cell­phone numbers
  5. E­mail address
  6.  Password (only members)
  7. "kozaza" needs approval of the concerned users when it has to collect users' personally identifiable 
  8.  Collected information should not be used for other purposes, nor should it be provided to third parties without 
    the agreement of concerned users and "kozaza" takes all responsibility of the information. However, there are 
    exceptions listed below.
  9.  Giving the least amount of user's personal information (name, address and telephone/cell­phone numbers) to 
    a delivery company for the delivery
  10.  Providing personal information in a form of which cannot be able to identify certain individuals for the purpose 
    of statistic compiling, academic research and market research. 3. When "kozaza" should get approval of the users in accordance with Article 2 and Article 3, it should state or
    notify users of relevant factors written in Clause 3, Article 16 of Act on Promotion of Information and
    Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. such as identity of the Personal 
    Information Manager (position, name and contact information), the purpose of collecting and using personal 
    information, information related to providing collected personal information to the third parties (recipient, 
    purpose of providing the information and content of providing information) and etc.. And users can withdrawal 
    this approval at any time they want to.
  11.  Users can ask to read or correct the error of their personal information collected by "kozaza" at any time and 
    "kozaza" should take necessary actions immediately for users' requirement. If users ask to correct the error of 
    their personal information, "kozaza" should not use the concerned personal information until it corrects the 
  12.  "kozaza" should limit the number of administrator and keep the least number of them in order to protect 
    personal information and it should take all responsibility for the loss of users caused by missing, robbery, 
    leakage or forging of personal information including credit cards and bank accounts.
  13.  "kozaza" or any other third parties provided with personal information from "kozaza" should destruct the 
    concerned personal information immediately after achieving the purpose of collecting or being provided with 
    the information.

Article 16 (Responsibility of “kozaza”)

  1. "kozaza" shouldn't do any actions banned from the laws or from this terms and conditions and nor should do 
    any actions against good public order and customs. "kozaza" also has to do its best for sustainable and stable 
    provide of the goods and services in terms of this terms and conditions.
  2. "kozaza" should establish security system to protect its users' personal information in order for the users' to 
    use the Internet services safely.
  3.  "kozaza" should take responsibility to compensate the loss of users when it made unfair labeling and 
    advertising on its goods and services in terms of Article 13 of Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising.
  4.  "kozaza" shouldn't send for­profit commercial e­mails which users do not want.

Article 17 (Member’s Responsibility on One’s ID and Password)

  1. A member should take responsibility on one's ID and password except the cases in terms of Article 15.
  2.  A member shouldn't allow the third person to use one's ID and password.
  3. When a member recognizes that one's ID or password is robbed or that the third person uses one's ID or 
    password, one should notify "kozaza" of it immediately. And if there is any guidance from "kozaza" afterward, a 
    member should follow it.

Article 18 (User’s Responsibility)

Users shouldn’t do any actions listed below.
  1.  Filling in false information when registers or changes user information
  2. Changing or modifying the information posted on "kozaza"
  3.  Transmitting or posting information (ex. computer programs) which is not allowed by "kozaza"
  4.  Infringement on intellectual property such as copyright of third parties of "kozaza"
  5.  Any behaviors interrupting the performance or defaming the third parties of "kozaza"
  6.  Publishing or posting information such as obscenity or violent messages, videos, recording files and etc. 
    which is against good public order and customs


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